Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Not a ton has happened except one or two MIRACLES.

I got four letters in the mail today.... three from the kids and one from the Z's super excited!.... um so I don't really have time to write a good email cuz of all the pictures and we have therapy... temple and therapy really threw our day off. But I'll be back on Monday with more details. Long and short of it is G got baptized last Sunday and after a series of speed bumps the N family is getting baptized this Sunday! We are on FIRE here in Kerman! I went on exchange up into the mountains in Yosemite (it looks a TON like Taylors Falls except no water) (feels much more like home, I love it up there) and the missionary I was with says I have about as many baptisims as she has had in her year on a mission.... I've been way blessed... tough times are coming up though! Sis Organista is almost certainly getting transferred... what else... oh, we're in severe drought and next fast sunday a few stakes including ours are fasting for rain... literally no water here. When I heard about fasting for rain, I was like "What the weird?! That only happens in the Book of Mormon!" but it is happening now. Well, I guess just goes to show that God is the same yesterday today and forever... but this valley I'm serving in feeds like all of America so if we don't get rain it's not just going to hit us hard.... yikes!

Just another beautiful week in the Kerman Ward! Since Thursday, not a ton has happened except one or two MIRACLES.
The N Family baptisim was just amazing. A lot of other N family came to support them, so hopefully we can start teaching some of them! And a lot of the YSA ward came over to support J N as well. It was so full! Just amazing. Loved it. I also had my first real experience translating. Grandma N only speaks Spanish and a few parts were in English so I just stood right by her and translated into Spanish the best I could. It was amazing. It was hard, but at the same time it felt like words were just flowing out of my mouth and I was somehow able to keep up listening to English and turning it into Spanish pretty well. It was another confidence booster for me!

So these past few days have been just great. Other really exciting news is that J, husband to C and step-dad to G and E, finally agreed to a baptismal date last night! February 20th! (Actually the Sunday closest to that day). We've had some miracles there as well. We've struggled with the Kerman ward to have members to go out with us. With J we not only had to find one member, but two because C works nights when J is home so we can't get in the house without a woman, but we don't want to bring a woman to fellowship J, so we had to think of couples we could bring! We thought of three, and of those three, 2 and a half agreed to come out this week! And we have someone to come with the "half" so we have members for all lessons this week with him! Miracles all around!

So yeah, life is super great here. Except for transfer calls are this Saturday. Pretty much for sure that Sister Organista is getting transferred. Which basically breaks my heart. You can't count on anything here. You can feel really really alone, like it's just you and the Lord, which is a good thing really, but it's hard. This past transfer I really grew to trust and count on Sister Organista. She's really taken great care of me. She's like the big sister I never had. She's really wise and dedicated and she is extremely loyal. I had a bit of a break down on Friday,
 just like all the people going through their trials.... it just really hit me and I hadn't had a good cry in a few weeks so there I went and Sister Organista just wrapped her arms around me and said in her Salvadorian accent "You know I don't even hug my sisters like this." Ha she's so great. I'm really super going to miss her. Wouldn't be so bad if this wasn't also her last transfer because then at least I could pretend I was going to see her at zone conferences. I'm also a bit worried because that also means I'm probably going to lead my area as senior companion....a little nervous that all these baptisms are going to stop and people will look around and say "Well, that's what happens when Sister Organista leaves." But I'm trying to have more faith in  my ability to be a good missionary independent of my trainer. This next transfer will definitely be interesting. I'm just starting to reach an "almost comfortable" level, which as I told Sister Hurley, means all hell is about to break loose. SO looking forward to that! Haha.

As far as my body goes, all the exercises the therapist gave me seem to be helping. I still have a lot of pain, but I'm happier. It really just comes down to that I am really sensitive to physical activity, and if I don't get it my mood just isn't great. Since I've been moving a lot more and sweating again, I have been a lot happier, and that makes things hurt less in a way.

Well, I'm not really sure what else to report but things are good out here in the CFM!

Love you!

Sister Zollinger

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