Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Carla's Baptism!

September 29, 2014

Hey President!!!!

Well, I am extremely looking forward to this upcoming week. No meetings. No exchanges. I'm actually going to work in my area. So excited!!!!

Thursday was just so great with zone meeting and having the Stake Presidency there!!! Completely changed my outlook on ward counsels. I think all zones should have a meeting like that. This Sunday when I went to branch counsel, I was actually looking forward to it and then I was able to make input about several activities that will really help our members and trying to help the branch better utilize it's home teaching and visiting teaching network. It made me feel like a real missionary, oddly enough, when I became a real member of the branch counsel. So inspired.

I really really appreciated our interview time. You make all of us feel like each of us is your favorite missionary. All of us individually feel so close to you. I also was so appreciate of MLC. It made me feel so much better. Things I've been trying to hint at to my zone leaders while not overstepping my bounds are now being taken care of and I just feel a lot more empowered to do good in my calling. I think the mission is heading in absolutely the right direction. Thank you for making me feel like my opinions and impressions matter!

This week our baptism happened!!! I really don't know how, seeing as we were almost never in our area with meetings and exchanges, but God willed it to happen and so it did! It was such a sweet experience. Her name is Carla and she's 17. She tries to look really tough and strong and somewhat aggressive, just because of the life she's had to live and the circumstances in which she was placed, but the Light of Christ is alive and well in her. One cool story: We were talking to her on Thursday about Prophet Monson again, just to pump her up for her baptism and for General Conference this coming weekend. As we were talking, without even thinking I told her "And modern prophets have also told us that women can only have one set of earrings in each ear! That's something I don't completely understand, but because I have faith in the Book of Mormon and I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that God wants us to be happy, I follow that commandment and only have one set of earrings." I had no idea why I said that, and immediately she reached up to touch her doubly pierced ears. I just continued to talk about the faithful women who without question removed their extra earrings when the announcement was made and their faith and desires to follow Jesus Christ. She said "You're making me want to take them out!" And I said "No I'm not, the Spirit it! And that says a lot about you as a person!" And then President... SHE TOOK THEM OUT! I was shocked. She's so tough, used to run around with gangs, unhappy family.... a LOT of trials.... and after 15 minutes of talking about that commandment, she just took them out! We didn't even invite her. Actually, I just invited her to pray about it. And she just took them out. So. Cool. So faithful. So she was baptized on Sunday. I felt so great about it. She said that she felt really clean. And her mom came to church as well. Missed sacrament, but her mom loved all the classes, so we're hopefully that more of her family will follow. Sister Segovia and Sister De la Cruz were able to come as well, they were the ones who found the family and baptized two of the younger kids!! Such a special experience.

Women's Conference was also inspiring!!

This is getting long... sorry. I just love being a missionary! I love my area, my companion, my stewardship, my leadership... please just don't change anything during transfer boards!!!!!! Haha!!!

Love you so much, we pray for you every day!!!!!

Sister Zollinger

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