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September 22, 2014

Hey President!!!

Thanks so much for your letters, I always feel so loved and special. I hope by the end of my mission I can be more like you in the sense that in few words and moments you make everyone feel personally loved. Right now I'm working out making people feel personally loved... hopefully with time I can get it into an effecient amount of time!!!

This week was honestly one of the craziest and most hilarious weeks of my mission. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Haha! This week I went on exchange with Sister Cowitz!!!!! Super great experience!!!!! We both laughed way more than either of us have in a looooong while! She's just so cute and quirky! I haven't been with someone who made me feel like they were at least as awkward as I am in a long time, it was funny to feel normal for a day! Haha! It all started with us realizing once we had switched and reached Merced that we had left our phone with Sister Johnson an hour north in Ceres!!!! So that was scary. Plus we had no map. Plus Sister Cowitz had been out like three weeks.... BUT agaisnt all the odds we were SAFE and we NEVER got LOST!!!! GOD IS OUR LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER!!!! We ended up going home early because we didn't have any set appointments and I didn't want to risk any problems in the dark with no phone. But that just meant we talked more.  Other funny part.... we realized on their neighbors door there was a green sticker sealing it off... I checked it and it said "CORONER'S NOTICE".... HER NEIGHBOR DIED IN THERE WE THINK!!! So that was pretty hilarious.

Next day I was back with Sister Conteras. We met a very high homeless lady with one shoe.... Sister Contreras happened to have an extra pair of (nice) shoes in the car, so she took the shoes off of her feet and gave them to the lady and put on the other pair. She is the one of the most Christlike people I know. That lady was CRAZY. Super duper high. Luckily the elders happened to be there at the same time. She almost tried to rob our car while we were all standing there. She was falling everywhere... just nuts.... the elders were laughing... and then she starts wandering over to our car and is like "everyone got their keys? I'm pretty good at grand theft auto" and so I grabbed my keys and frantically locked it like 15 times... and then she wanders back saying "just kidding I wouldn't rob you".... but I'm not really sure what drugged people are capable of.. I wouldn't have been surprised.

This is getting really long.... sorry. Had a really good exchange with Sister Olson Thursday to Friday and talked about my concerns for sisters of the mission and she helped me think of better solutions than what I was thinking, it was really nice!

And then yesterday we had a baptism of a little girl!!! Just a very fulfilling week. Crazy, but good. And this week is going to be crazier. We're planning another baptism for Saturday, it's going to take a miracle but we believe in miracles so it's perfect!!!

Super excited for interview's with you this week!!! Thanks for making Sister Contreras's time in Fresno so awesome when they forgot the keys, I just keep telling her that NO ONE in the mission will ever come close to having that kind of time with you and Sister Clark and how special that is!!!
Thanks so much for loving her and taking her biking!!!!

Love you so much!!! See you Thursday AND Friday!!!

Sister Zollinger

Hi Mom!

Haha so we had zone conference this past week and we were all doing some role plays in the chapel... lots of people moving around. Well we were all evaluting in a circle and out of no where I felt a man hand pressed very firmly and confidently on my back and I freaked out!!!! Because there's just elders everywhere! But it was President so it was ok hahaha he got a really good laugh out of it.

Other news. I'm getting a cold I think. Again. It's just a lot  a lot of running around as an STL and I got a super bad cold for like two days that last time I was one.. I slept a bit in between meetings because I was literally DYING. That hasn't happened for a long time though. And.... my knee still really hurts. Somehow the whole branch found out, everyone was coming up to me and checking on me and offering to bring me to their Mexican Bone Witch Doctor and telling me I needed to take care of myself... they're so great those Mexicans. I love them so much.

This week is super crazy. I'm going on exchange right after preperation day... after I made those plans I found out that our district meeting wasn't actually canceled for tomorrow AND that our district leader wanted us to do an hour long training during his meeting... sadly I can't change my exchange because the reports are due this week and my sisters' district leader needs them done tomorrow.... so I have to have the exchange done by then. So my brand new sister is going to give a 45 minute long training by herself... ooft. Then Wednesday is normal! And then Thursday is zone meeting, the stake president is going to come talk to us, and then Presidnet  is comign and doing interviews, then we have to do weekly planning because Friday is MLC in Fresno all day, and then once we get back up to Ceres we have  our monthly missionary activity for the branch to plan and put on, and then the next day we have a baptisim that we have to make a miracle happen this  week. And then at five we have to be at the stake center for the women's broadcast for the rest of the night and then it's Sunday! But then next week will be easy... because I won't have ANY EXHANGES OR MEETINGS!!!!!!! 1st normal week of the transfer. Because it's the last week of the transfer. Which also means I'm for sure getting a new companion because Sister Contreras' training is done. :((((((( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

 For the first time I have no idea what's going to happen... I could train again... I just want to be an STL for the rest of my mission. I love it. I could stay in Ceres... I could get transfered. I don't know. I don't really think I'm leaving yet. But they don't need a new Coordination Sister for another transfer and by then I'll only have three transfers left, and that's kind of a four transfer job. So I don't know if that's still even in my options anymore. I'll hopefully have a better idea after President's interviews of what I'm going to do for the rest of my mission.

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