Thursday, September 25, 2014

Catching up- letter from Sister Zollinger August 13

AUGUST 13, 2014  

Hey Mom!

In Zone conference yesterday they said that if your mom is updating your blog that they have to put on every blog something that makes it clear that we are not the one's updating it. So if you could put something like "This week from Sister Zollinger..." every week, that would be great. They also changed some rules yesterday which was crazy! Nothing super big, just that elders can wear pink ties now, and we don't have to wear a Sunday uniform as sisters anymore... (solid light-colored top with dark solid skirt.... so hard to do) So that was great!
 I gave a training this week... it went super well. It was just President, his wife, the Assistants and the Coordinating Sister that gave trainings besides me. So that was pretty cool. And Sister Contreras and I gave a really good training the day before in district meeting. So that was cool too. She and I are so unified, it's awesome. Even though the work in our area is struggling a bit, I'm not too worried because I know I can count on her and that we can do it together.
Oh temple was super cool today too! We had a young man take out his endowments to go on a mission, us missionaries, a return missionary who is getting married tomorrow, and his finace's Korean family who's father happens to be a 70, and then an extremely cute and extremely old couple that were super in love.... pretty much the whole spectrum of the temple was there today. The session was in three languages, generally english, but with spanish and korean headsets.... super cool.


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