Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sister Dangerous!

Hey President!!!!

This week was a very interesting mix of things. Our numbers were not fantastic.... at all... but we worked hard all week and we saw a lot of miracles that will hopefully show up in next week's numbers.

Miracle Number One:

Javier has forgiven us. We just kind of gave them space for like two weeks to see what was going to happen... we were so nervous to go over Friday. We had no idea where they were at or what was going to happen, less what lesson we should teach. But when we got there they were super warm and friendly and it was like nothing ever happened! It was a miracle!!! We prayed and prayed for them.... I know that prayer works!!! Now we're just normal stuck with them. The whole Law of Chastity bit... we're just going to iron out the WOW tonight and then hit the LOC again.... see what we can do. But it's really nice to be normal with them again.

Miracle Number Two:

Idalia!!!!! Missionaries have been working with her for over a year now... We've dropped her at least once if not twice because even though she's super great she just can't ever get to church with her job. So we couldn't help her anymore. But! She always finds us again randomly!!!! So she just told us last week that because she's so pregnant she can't work anymore so she can come to church!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! And we're hoping to baptize her husband as well we hope!!!! So that's fantastic.

Miracle Number Three:

My companion still loves me!!!! Hahaha President, I honestly think that is a miracle. Being a missionary just makes you so aware of all your weak points, and I've discovered that I'm pretty darn human and not necessarily the most easy person in the world to live with, but Sister Contreras, she's the best.

Sad thing number one..... Kathy has disappeared.... we had a fantastic lesson with her on Thursday.... but then Sunday she just didn't come to church and she's not answering the phone. So that's a big bummer. But we'll find her!!!

Other than that!!!! I love being a missionary!!!!! It is such a blessing!!!!! I love my area, my leadership, my COMPANION, my PRESIDENT AND HIS WIFE, MY FAMILY.... It's all so good. Life is beautiful.

Love you President! Super excited to be back as an STL!!!! See you soon!!!

Sister Zollinger

Hi Mom!

Sounds like the family is doing great!! Hope you have a great time at the fair!!! I somewhat wish I could be there with you because I'm sure it will be fun... but I love being a missionary more! :D Say hi to everyone and send me pictures please!!!!.... Aretha Franklin?! What the heck?! That's crazy!!!!

Things around here.... I actually had no idea about the earthquake until you sent me that email. So no. Didn't feel a thing haha. But that sounds terrible.

Life here... super excited about this next transfer. Got recalled as a STL. Super excited about that, really missed it. Still training my buddy Hermana Contreras. Sad thing is a lot of my favorite missionaries are finishing their missions this transfer... so that's a big bummer. But things are going to be changing a lot around here because they were all leadership big shots.... so it's going to be scary for the mission. Not really because God always provides, we've just lost a lot of great missionaries. It's scary.!!! I have five transfers left.... that is straight up horrifying. I'm starting to panic... mostly about who is going to be able to understand me because you HAVE to know Spanish and English to get me now. Ooofft.

Other than that... trying to think... oh! Had a branch activity on Saturday. Super fun. We played Soccer. With pretty much all mexicans besides the three white missionaries (me, Elder Boswell and Elder Cook). And I was the only girl who played, it really was just the men of the ward. And.... hahaha .... I made myself a reputation. Hermano Ruiz is our Ward mission leader... he and I made a fantastic team, we were destroying for a bit. It was great. And the next day he told me that they said I hit hard and were talking about me in Priesthood... haha made me laugh a bit. One hermano calls me "hermana peligrosa" now... "sister dangerous." But it was a good time. Had fun.

That's about it!!!

Love you!

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