Thursday, September 25, 2014

August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hey President!

This week.... haha President, every week is so hard! But there are always so many miracles.

This past week we had my first real polygammy throw down. With my favorite investigator. We didn't make any contact for a few days to let things settle and then we called on Saturday... he texted back and said he was still mad at me... So that was a bummer. Didn't come to church yesterday. But! I knew it was going to be an almost impossible situation when I went in and I told God, "I'm going to do my best, and whatever happens I can't be responsible for so please take care of it".... so I'm trying not to be too upset about that.

Miracle!!!!! My new favorite investigator is named Kathy. She was living with her boyfriend who was emotionally abusive. So we've been telling her almost from the start about the Law of Chastity.... and telling her she probably shouldn't marry him... so we went and met her at the Church Friday with the elders because she wanted a blessing... and she said. "Oh hey, I moved out today." WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! We've been working with her for like three weeks!!!! And that morning she just packed up and left with her two girls!!!!! It's awesome!!!!!! And then the day before we just got the feeling we needed to commit her to the WOW but we didn't really have time to teach it well.... so we gave her the pamphlet at the end of the lesson and said, "Hey, don't take any of these things, ok?" and she said ok.... and then the next day she told us her friends asked her to come and drink... and she just said no. And then she was stressed about breaking up with boyfriend and wanted to smoke... but then said "I remembered the little book you gave me and I thought, op no, tobacco!!!" Then the next day she texted us and said "hey my weight loss shake has caffeine in it, can I still drink it??".... Honestly President, she's golden. So we're planning on baptizing her August 30th. Her date is for Sep. 13. But she's ready. And hopefully her daughter. 

Other than that, we've doubled ourselves in. Dropped pretty much everyone and we're starting over. So it's requiring a lot of faith, but we are doing our best. This past week I had my first real door slam.... it was scary. All we got out was "Hello, we're representatives of Jesus Christ" and with all her force she slammed that thing in our face. 11 months out and first time. Not so lucky for my companion who has 2 months. Poor girl. 

She and I are doing great. I feel like I finally have someone who understands me. Even if we're not the same person, she just gets who I am and she accepts it and doesn't tell me it's wrong.

Love you President!

Sister Zollinger

 Hey Momma!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUBWAY GIFT CARD!!! We've eaten a LOT of subway the past few days.... at first sister contreras said that she was starting to get sick of it, but today when we got it she said that she is starting to develop a love for it like mine hahaha :D subway fixes everything. She also told me yesterday while i was eating a granola bar an hour after dinner that she thinks sometime i eat just to eat hahahahaha..... and then the other night I talked in my sleep for the first time. She said it was almost morning and that I just said "pizza." and then two minutes later "tacos". And that was it. HAHAHA.... she just rolled her eyes and said she thought to herself "ella siempre tiene hambre"... "she's always hungry" haha

August 29th is one of my investigators birthdays. You would be proud of me for the birthday legacy I carry here. I always make a cake and if they aren't in my area I call and sing. I have expanded my memory for birthdays.... one new missionary had to get up and share a talent. She said that she could remember all of her 7 siblings birthdays. And I thought to myself.... I know all of my family and friends birthdays AND half birthdays... what now?! HAHA

OH! OH! OH! SUPER FUNNY! I BROKE THE ELDERS TOILET!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA we don't have any food.... so after meetings but right before church they said "hermanas, go to our apartment and make us all sandwhiches and you can eat our food too...." so we went and we did so, and then I super had to pee... so I used their bathroom. The flushy thing fell RIGHT OFF. It was SOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNNY.... and we couldn't even get it back on. So. That was hilarious. Really funny to tell them about it too I was dying hahahaha
The heat is already starting to die down. Like it's close to 100 every day but that's like nice weather. 90s are a little chilly.
Also they changed our running schedule from 20 minute jog to 3 miles in 30 minutes. I actually really like it. little hard this morning, but I'm trying to get my time down.

ok I gotta go. I love you so much!!!!!! HUGS AND KISSES FOR EVERYONE!!!!

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