Thursday, September 25, 2014

They want people to think we're normal.

September 1, 2014

Hey President!!!

So life is great!.... always filled with surprises. This has been an exciting start to the transfer.... Saturday we found out that one of our investigators had died... that was really hard. We're going to the funeral on Tuesday. But on the flip side one investigator I've worked with on and off for a long time came to church out of the blue, no help, no text or call from us, just came!!! Super exciting!!! So hopefully she'll be baptized soon. We also had a scare with Kathy.... she suddenly was starting to back out. And we didn't know what was going on. And finally we talked about it last night on the phone, and she told us that she was really concerned when we asked her to pray to the prophets. Well it was just a big misunderstanding... when we asked her to pray to see if Thomas S. Monson is a prophet, she thought we were asking her to pray TO Thomas S. Monson... she didn't like that. So we told her it's really good that she only wants to pray to God. Because that's what's right. But she needs to pray ABOUT Thomas S. Monson. So things are cleared up again. Phew. 

We had a really great experience with our branch yesterday. They gave us the 3rd hour of 5th Sunday, so the six of us coordinated a massive ATM and we got SO MANY REFFERALS. It was awesome. I really feel like we're growing a lot in branch trust right now, because of that and also because we are putting on monthly actives for the branch and investigators and it's helping us to get to know them better and to have together as a branch. It's great! Sister Contreras and I also had the opportunity to talk one on one with some of the women during the week... it's amazing how one real conversation with a woman changes everything!!! Already I feel like I understand them way more, but also everyone else in the branch because they tell you so much about everyone.... it's priceless!!! Wish I'd sat down with a few key women and just chatted for bit with them months ago!!!

Sister Contreras is.... perfect. Shocker. I love her so much, she's so good for me. She's so patient and brings out the best in me and kindly helps me improve. She's never once made me feel sad or like I'm doing something wrong, but she still corrects me. It's amazing. I could live with her the rest of my life. She's the best.

Love you so much President and Sister Clark!!!

See you Wednesday!!!


Sister Zollinger

Hey Mom!

So we had a pretty exciting week. There's another good story we had.... So Wednesday, Elder Cook and Elder Boswell had a baptism. She is a member of this huuuuuuuuge Mexican less-active family, but it's good to be close to them because there's always some member of the family who isn't baptized yet that you can work with . But their the elders' family. So anyways, they all came and we had a good time at the baptisim. Well after every function in Mexican culture, there's always food,  typically more like a meal then just refreshments. So we had mole con arroz y pollo.... besides the point. Apparently these two sisters have this drink they make from  this powder.... it's an intestinal cleanser. And with their family it's like a rite of passage for missionaries. So they brought it to the baptisim. And convinced all of us to drink it.... it was bad. Sister Contreras and I were pretty..... loose.... for a good 24 hours. We felt so dumb as we were moaning on the floor the next day.... "I feel sooooo sick..... and I DID THIS TO MYSELF!" hahahahahaha..... fun experience. So the elders bought us a get well card and a balloon that sings "Don't Worry, Be happy" when you punch it.... pretty awesome. Better now. Haven't been that "clean" since my baptism. HAHA
Yeah you can totally put the drink on the blog. I'm not shy about any bodily functions any more.... so much happens out here... we all get sick and we all tell each other about our progress....

ALSO. Idon't look as fat in real life as I do in alll the pictures... so if you're thinking "wow, Kelsie gained some weight".... I haven't. I'm super fit from running three miles every day. Just bad pictures haha I laughed because Sister Contreras and I looked at those temple pictures later and we were like "WOAAAH BAD PICTURE!" I was like "Wow, my face looks super fat..." And she's like "no, es que perece bien gorda!" (no, you just look really fat in general!) HAHAHA  we joke about it all the time.

AND, they’re changing all dress rules to just looking modest and professional... because when you dress like a pioneer people confuse mormon missionaries with quakers. They want people to think we're normal. And you can send me videos of the family now!!! and I can send you videos from Preperation Day!!!! so Please send me videos!!! also we are now allowed to watch movies on Preperation Day! Just Forever Strong, Ephriam's Rescue and 17 Miracles.... but I only have Forever Strong. So Sister Contreras and I are going to snuggle and watch that today. :D

love you so much mom!!!! see you next week!!!!!!!

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