Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ok so big news! Had my first baptism yesterday!!!!! Her name is E and she's 16. Such a neat experience. Her whole family came to church, which is significant because her mom is investigating still, her step-dad hasn't been interested thus far, and her 10 year old brother doesn't really care (he's young, not surprising). So all of them were there for church and the baptism! So great. I spoke on the Holy Ghost and it was just overall such a cool experience. Pictures to follow.

Second big news, we're hopefully having three more baptisms next Sunday! Remember L?? Well she has four daughters  and two of them are baptism age. J is 11 and M is 9. Both girls are really shy, M painfully so. We've been at their house almost everyday since I've got here. But we've really been working with them and now we're basically family. L is doing so well, her face is brighter and brighter, she laughs a lot more, she's cooking and being homey.... it's so amazing to see the Spirit step in and change people! Just amazing.  L said they've been fighting extra lately, no surprise because Satan knows they're getting baptized and is being a jerk and not leaving them alone... so they are praying every night as a family and then L is reading them a Book of Mormon reader, you know the kid book with pictures? Every night! And then last night we challenged the girls to make their bed every morning and to count to 10 every time they get frustrated... they promised to, hopefully they will be able to get along better! So we're just working on finding them a new place to live.... kind of for free until L can get a job. I've never prayed so hard. So just pray for her! We believe in and expect miracles.

Also I'm getting a little sick, but will be better soon... hopefully. Just a cold. Also.... last week we had my first zone meeting... Elder Goettman (my new district leader) told me one of my first days that he was singing at it and wanted a pianist.... so me. Well by Monday he didn't know what he wanted yet, tried to give me arrangements I could play if I had two hours, funny thing is I don't have two hours. Ended up switching to us singing a duet accapella... Well ten minutes before the meeting we managed to find a piano player, and alto and a tenor (he sings base and I sing soprano these days) and we had a beautiful quartet! It was called 'I love the Lord' which is just different words to the tune of 'Be still My Soul'.... so great.

Well.... I think that's about it for now. I love you so much and I miss you all!!!! God be with you!

Hermana Zollinger

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