Monday, November 25, 2013

Life is Amazing Out Here in the Field

Pues. (well.) Life is amazing out here in the field. So happy. Every day.... I can't even imagine how much happier I can get, there has to be a maximum at some point! Don't get me wrong, it's crazy hard out here and my faith is challenged every. single. stinkin. day. BUT everyday I also see miracles and those always win :) Love it! SOOOOOO. Guess what? Only had two baptisims this Sunday. But that's ok! It was L's daughters, J and M! Love them sooooo much. Can't even tell you. M is painfully shy and we weren't sure she'd make it through the interview with our district leader... she was just clinging to me before hand and then after she was attached to me for probably half an hour. But then she got over it. And then we were a little afraid she'd panic right when she was going in the water... But she did so great! I have pictures... I'll try to send them soon. L is working on getting  a job and we talk to EVERYONE about the gospel and if they know anywhere that she could live. Literally. Everyone. I will see her baptized yet! We've been talking a lot with the bishop and he understands our struggle and just said to let her know that she can act like she's a member until she's baptized. He'll give her an assignment in the ward (can't set her apart, but still good!) and she can pay her tithing and get a visiting teacher and everything! I love being with them. They are so great! So full of faith. So ready to change their lives. They are the best. And they love us so much. They hate it when we leave.

Also cool! I'm going to cut and paste this from my letter to my President...

Well we are currently at a bit of a crossroads, because most of our investigators are either working on baptism/have been baptized or are in the dropping zone. We don't have many in the middle. So we have been trying to find some new people to teach this past week. Saturday we tracted into G. Wow. G is an amazing woman. She is in her late 50s/early 60s and she is about the most family/service oriented person. We stopped by while we were doing harvesting blessings, she said that she would love the prayer but wasn't going to let us in because she was cleaning for a big family gathering that day. We got talking and soon she invited us in and then we ended up staying there for probably close to an hour while she told us about her family and her struggles with her health. After a while she stopped and said "Wow I'm talking too much, but you are just so easy to talk to! I can feel that you are good people, I can feel your energy and I feel like crying, I love it!" or something to that effect. So she is awesome. We left her a Book of Mormon and an assignment and then we are going back tomorrow to start teaching her! So great.

So. Love that. Kindered Spirits definitely. Wow. There are so many million more things I could say! But I shall forbare, like Moroni. Last spiritual thought! Top three things I've learned since being in Fresno:

1. Righteous people are not righteous because they are perfect. They are righteous because they repent and forgive quickly.
2. Happy people are always grateful people.
3. We really only have one choice in life and that is how much we are going to let Heavenly Father Bless us.

Love you all so much!

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  1. Congratulations on your mission. Have a wonderful holiday. You are so blessed to have parents who love you. Share that love with others. Try not to get home sick. Enjoying reading the blogs from time to time.