Monday, December 2, 2013

December Already?

 Thanksgiving was so great! The members here just love us up. Everyone loves elders, but people ADORE sisters, they give us so much stuff! Literally everywhere we go we are given food and treats. The elders almost never get anything haha, they get a little jealous. Luckily we are disciples of Christ and we share everything with them and invite them to our dinner appointments so they can eat.... haha. Thanksgiving we just studied all morning like usual and then we went to the RS president's house with her husband and grown son and his three kids (his wife was sick) and had a great time and then we went to a SECOND dinner with another family who is great in their CASTLE (coolest house ever) and they had their family and another two families and the bishop's family... FULL house. So good. I was dying after eating so much, but we just spent the whole days with members... After our second dinner we all (us 6 missionaries) went to the bishops and watched most of 17 Miracles (we can watch a movie on Thanksgiving). It was desperately sad. And we didn't watch the end which is where it resolves finally.... it's about the Pioneers. Nuf said. But it was great. Love the members.

The work is moving forward as usual!!! Here's an update on some investigators, taken from my pres's letter.

We have had just a great couple of days. We are still working with L! Her girls got confirmed yesterday and it was just beautiful. They also brought her step-son O. O is 21. The sisters had been working with him before, he lives with L and her family, but since I've been here he's basically disappeared. Well last week we got him to sit in on their first Family Home Evening and then after that he's been sitting in and then he agreed to go to dinner at a member's house last Saturday which is HUGE he's so shy, and then he came to church for the first time yesterday and prayed in CLASS (he's never prayed with us before) and he's coming next week! So great. Their family is really coming together. Another family that we're working with is progressing really well too! E got baptized about three weeks ago (my first one) and her mom is probably going to baptized at the end of December. Her stepdad J has been coming to church, at first just for E's baptisim and then the following week for her confirmation. Well he came again yesterday with the whole family again! He attends all the classes, the brothers at church are just welcoming him in, and yesterday I asked if we could start teaching him and he said yes! We've been praying for that for a long time!!!! So we're going to get this whole family baptized and to the temple. SO. Excited. Love being a missionary.

So lately we've been reading The Fourth Missionary during companionship study and I've been thinking a lot about how I can become the Fourth Missionary and what it means to give up my will and my heart and my mind. I've been working on it a lot this week and MAN it has made being a missionary easier. My mood is better (not that it was bad before) and I'm happy, I feel the Spirit pretty much 24/7, I can feel him guiding me what to say and where to go... I love it! I love feeling like I am changing. At the beginning of my mission I wanted to change but I didn't like the process... it hurt a bit! But now I am just relaxing and learning to trust that God is not going to change me into someone that I won't like. That's probably the biggest thing I've learned this week. Just relax. It makes our lessons go better, it helps our companionship, it makes me happier, I can hear the Holy Ghost more... great thing to learn!

So yeah, the next thing I was going to tell you is that you should read The Fourth Missionary with the kids! It's kinda long but it will give them a heads up of what they should be preparing for here... man it's hard, but it is so great!

ALSO my spanish is rockin! We had a conference on Wednesday for Trainers and New missionaries... so great! Learned a lot. But we had to role play a lot as usual (we role play allllll the time, it's great practice) and all the elders who'd been out here a while were like "Hermana!! Where did you learn to speak Spanish??? You are throwing down your past tenses and everything!" And Sister Organista said I'm about as good as her last companion, who'd been out for 6 months. So, feeling pretty blessed, but working hard to get better! Love it though! It's not as frustrating as it was in the MTC... like now I actually can have a personality when I talk! And the Mexicans think I'm hilarious.... cuz I'm white but I pretend I'm Mexican hahaha. It's great!

I love you all so much. There is just great stuff out here. We should be baptizin at a pretty good rate this month. LOVE IT.
Love you so much! Talk to you soon!!!!

Hermana Zollinger

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