Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I'm here to stay and I'm here to make my mark!


Pues, lo primero es que PUEDO SKYPE USTEDS PARA NAVIDAD!!!!!! (well, the first is that I CAN SKYPE YOU ALL FOR CHRISTMAS!)

So super excited for that! Also, we get to sleep in until 830 for Christmas! I don't think I'll be able to sleep much longer than 7... but I'm for sure going to try! We also get to watch any Disney movie rated PG or less! So my district is going to watch something together. We're invitied to a MILLION houses for Christmas... which is good and bad. Last Thanksgiving we were just with members, and I felt really weird about it... I'm a missionary, days off don't exsist and I don't want to not work for a whole day! That's not what we're here for! So we have to be careful, cuz a lot of members want to love us, but we have to work at the same time. no se. I don't know. We've been getting a lot of presents from the members... mostly cookies. So many cookies in our apartment. It's great! haha not really... I can't get fat! No me gusta estar gordita! (I don't like being a little fat woman!) (( not that I've become fat or little.....))(((still a woman....))))......

GOT MY HAIRCUT TODAY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE 10 YEARS BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN CAREN VERNON AND I ALMOST DIED. But it turned out just fine. The same but shorter.... like tiny bit shorter. haha. So I survived. That was a big deal for me.

Physical therapy is going good.... well it really hurts. Last time I almost cried it hurt so bad. But it hurts less and less outside of physical therpay... like during normal life, so that's great! The time I almost cried, the lady working on me said she thinks I got the worst impact from the accident, or at least my body took it the worst. That was surprising to hear. But I'm doing better and better... my back is still really inflammed apparently. They did some weird suction cup thing on my back today..... hurt. They like basically sucked sections of my back up into these little cups and held it there for 10 minutes to stretch everything.... ouch. all I'm gonna say. Mega Hickies on my back. Wut. Up. Honestly, I've got better stories than almost anyone in this mission and I've only been out for 3 months! It better start to settle down, or I'm going to die by the end of this! Haha...

Also, sister O and I got stuck yesterday. We were at some members house for Christmas something and we left to finish studying. We pulled into some lot like a mile away... middle of no where. it got dark after a while so we turned on our lights.... battery died. So great. Had to call and have the same members jump start us..... so embarassing!

ALSO we had another baptism yesterday! C! She's E's mom. E was my first baptisim! And G, her 10 year old brother, hopefully is getting baptized within the next week or so! So great!

So this week was hard.... and here's why:

Speaking of which, there was a testimony try-er this week. Sometimes I feel like as a missionary you have two choices... to grow stronger in the gospel until you know everything or to just go apostate. That might seem kind of strong, but it happens to me at least once a week. This past week we were teaching another C. We taught about Adam and Eve and I just got so flustered, so confused with the doctrine and it just didn't end well. She was an investigator I thought about for days after the meeting. That night, I just studied and read everything I could, and that night I just had to pray again and call for that reassurance that I really was preaching the truth, that just because in those moments of confusion I wouldn't get "lost".... and as I was praying, I just got this feeling... "Kelsie, you already know." And that's what it took. It's so hard to go out there and have your testimony attacked every day. I'm just a 19 year old girl. But I know for a fact it is true. I'm here to stay and I'm here to make my mark.

Well, that's about it for now, cuz I'm gonna call you in less than 48 hours!

Love you! Nos vemos pronto! (We'll see us soon!) (like see ya soon, but that's the literal translation)

Hermana Zollinger

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