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December 23, 2014

NOTE- This letter was posted by Kelsie's mother.  Kelsie does not maintain this blog, and is not on facebook.

December 23, 2014

Tuesday we went with Hermana Mayorga to the hospital to visit a lady who has been there for a few months. Her family were brand new investigators of ours, she's the only one who was baptized, so things fell apart with the other family with this lady going to the hospital, she almost died! She had some brain fluid issues... super scary. So when we went there her hair is just starting to grow back, they must've shaved it all off to do the surgery. Then she had oxygen mask, she was confused about what day it was because nothing ever changes in her life. Same bed, same room. Offt. And. She can't really talk. She had this tube thing inserted into her throat with a cap on it and she could talk through that if she pushed really hard. It was really scary to listen to at first, but eventually we got used to it. I had felt prompted to bring a picture of Jesus Christ with me, and when I gave it to her she excitedly grabbed it from my hands and kissed it and then held it to her heart and prayed. The rest of the visit she kept reaching for it and making sure it was on her heart. It was so sweet. We're going to bring a bunch of different Jesus prictures next time with tape so she can have him everywhere. She has four kids and a husband, life is super hard for her to be stuck in the hospital. She was soooo grateful for our visit. Then we popped next door to another member Hermana Mayorga knew and we prayed with her. Then a lady motioned excitedly to us. She had the same tube our hermana had, but she could barely whisper through it. She only spoke English, but we prayed for her and talked with her and gave her a picture of Jesus too, and she too cried and pressed it to her heart. Wow. Such a humbling experience. We're going to try to go back once a week to make sure we see those few people. It's amazing how close to God those women were. They never cursed him for their trials, but put all their faith in him so that they could heal. It was amazing.

I also had President's Interviews last week. I'd kind of been frustrated with a lot of things, just the stuff I talked about last week and he could obviously tell something was wrong, so he asked me, I explained in minimal details and he gave me awesome counsel. I think the best was about my stewardship, you're going to laugh. He said something to the effect of "you're the kind of person who.... how do I say it... helicopters." I just burst out laughing and thought about the Bro Dede saying you were helicopter parents. Haha. But. He told me I am being more of a sheepherder than a shepherd. Even though my intentions are just to try to help my sisters use their agency well and stop them from mis-using it. He told me people learn best from their mistakes and that I need to not helicopter. "It's comfortable to hover because it gives you control." He also laughingly told me that if he finds out that I'm hovering over my children once they're older than 5 that he will come and find me and admonish me hahaha! So my new theme is "teach a man to fish". I've been studying a lot about ministering and trying to ask questions more and helping them come up with answers. And once they do and they aren't what I think they should be, I just leave it alone if it's not breaking a commandment/life threatening. It's hard, but I know it will be worth it. Sister Horning is helping me out a lot.

Oh! Big news!!! Our mission is splitting!!!!!!!!! We just found out last Monday night! Turlock stake (where I am) and up with part of the northern mission are combining to make the Modesto mission! And then Fresno will just be the southern 2/3 of our mission. It's splitting July 1. So I'll be home, but everyone else is awaiting mission calls to see if they stay in Fresno or if they will be reassigned to the California Modesto Mission. So that's really big news.

All else... I'm going to try to send a bunch of pictures right now.

Love you all so much!!!!

Sister Zollinger

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