Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

Note: This letter was posted by Kelsie's mother.  Kelsie does not maintain this blog, and she is not on Facebook.

Hey Momma!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!

So life is really good. Transfers are on Wednesdays and we didn't get our new missionaries until Thursday, so I got shipped down to Fresno to spend the day Wednesday with another sister who was going to Train. She serves in Madera, super close to Kerman! So it was fun to be close to my other "home". She is super cool too, Hermana Reina, she got trained the same time as Sister Contreras and Sister Horning, she is super cool! Plus she gave me a ton of clothes she was getting rid of, it was awesome, including a really nice pea coat! Mine's all ripped and stuff, this one is super nice and FREE!!!! Wahoo! So we went over to a recent convert's house and I learned how to make tamales with banana leaves! We did that for like three hours. And then we had to be inside our apartment by 6, so we just chilled, took down their christmas decorations, talked about life, clothes... it was really relaxing. Then I got my new companion!!!!!! 

We heard there was a sister straight from Spain and I was sure she was going to be mine to finish out the legacy... but Hermana Maw is sooooo awesome. She's most recently from Massachusetts, close to Boston. She's super cool.  She is so sweet, she's trying to be a vocal performance major at BYU Provo, she already has a year there. She's my FIRST COMPANION WHO IS  YOUNGER THAN ME. She is the oldest of four, she's just super excited to work!!! Our area is really picking, it's super obvious that there's a new missionary here because miracles are pouring down.

I'm really sorry you were so sick! I've been picking up a cold a bit, but I'm pounding the vitamin C and I'm starting to feel better already. Life here is really great. 

I'm honestly racking my brain and I can't think of anything really specific to talk about. Life is just great. I love being released from STl-ing, life is so much more simple. I love working with just one other companionship, I miss my brothers a lot, but it's so much efficient with just the two of us. Elder Jorquera and I have also formed a half companionship, since we have to take care of all the ward and area stuff and our new companions don't really know anything, so that's been fun.

We should have a baptism this week, we'll find out tonight if it's a yes, if it's still a not sure we'll keep pushing gently until we a get a yes because they are so humble and sincere and know it's true, just a bit scared, so we can push. His name is Alex, he's 11 and awesome. Pray for him!!!

Love you all!!!! Happy New Year!!!

Sister Zollinger

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