Monday, January 19, 2015

2 months to go!

Hey President!

It's another great day to be a Mormon missionary! Just the past week I have felt so incredibly grateful for an opportunity like this to serve my God and my Savior. I feel so privileged to get to serve him and that He has allowed me to experience "the mission". I have changed so much, I am soooo much happier as a person than when I left on a mission. Life is great!

As far as our area, things are going pretty well. I'm a little concerned about February, we're working really hard to baptize another 5 people or so this month, I'm trying to not be too shortsighted because we really have nothing going on for February if we can baptize everyone this month. Ahh!! But we're trying hard to find new people and invite them to be baptized. I know God will provide when we do our best as mortals here haha.

I also just wanted to tell you that we heard about the trainings on Friday and we've started to implement them already in our are. Those trainings on stream-lining lesson 1 and 2 are AMAZING! We have already seen miracles in the few lessons we've been able to test it out on. I feel so privileged not only to be a missionary, but to be in one of the BEST missions in the entire world with one of the BEST mission president's/dad's in the entire world!!!!

So excited to see you tomorrow at zone conference!

Love you so much!

Sister Zollinger
Hey Mom!
Life is going really well here, as per usual. Cool story!

So there was a leadership meeting on Friday, the first one in three transfers I didn't go to. But it was with the mission president from The District 2, one of our main training programs here, Dad knows all about them. Also one other person who worked on The District Project. That night my STL and Elder Jorquera both told me all about it on the phone. BIG NEWS! The California Fresno Mission is the ONLY MISSION outside of Utah in the United States that has baptized over 1,000 people in a year. Apparently we're news in Headquarters. One of the reasons why they're splitting our mission is to prove that our mission can still baptize over 1,000 in a year with a smaller mission, it's a big deal! Also he said that we literally have one of the best mission president's in the entire world. I knew it was a big deal that we baptized over 1,000 and visiting general authorities typically have only good things to say to us, we're pretty well known, but this is a lot bigger than I realized. Last year in our region of missions which is basically the west coast, the next closest mission to us baptized around 600, and the average was between 200-300. So. I am so blessed. 

Other than that, no really new miracles or things to report. We're happy happy happy. My trainee is going through  normal adjustments .... I remember how tough life was when I came out over here. She's doing a great job. 

Well, besides that nothing much to report.


Love you!

Sister Zollinger

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