Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February 23, 2015 Singing for an Apostle!

Wow, it sounds like it's super cold (back home)! Today is in the 50's and I'm freezing... hahaha you'll have to let me know what the weather forecast is when I fly home so I can be prepared with the right kind of clothes.
I've been pretty sick over here too.... just a really bad cough, it hurt my abs it was so deep! They were getting really sore. But then the elders got some medicine for me from one of the people they teach.... and suddenly I'm all better! Haha.
Thanks for being so understanding. I really wasn't anticipating this transition to be so hard, but it is ROUGH! I think the hardest part is right now all I can do is think about it. Once I'm home I can jump into normal life and get involved with all of you and the ward and find work or something.... but right now I can't even plan effectively, so it's just hard. And like you said, me not getting transferred a lot is definitely making it harder. Everyone keeps talking about how they've never had a sister stay so long (I doubt an elder either) and everyone looks to me a lot because I know so much about everyone, I've gone through the directory so much and I'm in the houses no one knows about, so I definintely have a big place here. All the kids are super sad haha, every time I see them they pull on me and tell me I can't leave. Stil working a lot in Primary, I just love my kids so much.
Speaking of which, Friday we had our monthly "missionary night". The idea is that we missionaries share a short message at the beginning and then the rest of the time we play with the ward. Supposed to be a non-threatening way for people to bring their friends and get to know the church, and also to strengthen the unity of the ward. Well, a lot of the time it's kind of a flop because everyone's late or something.... but this past Friday was so awesome. One less active (really in active) brought his kids and then all his friends from his adult soccer team. And a surprising number of members came. We had around 50 people there. It was amazing. So we shared a message and then divided into three teams. I was captain of the youth and primary team.... and then the elders each had a team of grown up men. So two teams would play while the other watched until one team scored 2 goals and then the loser sat and then next team rotated on. My team had about 20 kids and youth.... so we totally won against the professional men's team of 6 haha, they didn't stand a chance against three little kids stealing the ball and the teenagers shooting! It was awesome. We also lost a few, haha in the end our number just made us equal, but it was so fun, my kids were all so excited to play. VIVA LA PRIMARIA!!!! Haha.
But, like I said in my letter to President, I'm seeing so much fruit of my work. Ceres 3 is almost a ward, Kerman is about to have an English ward and a Spanish branch... I just can't even get over it.
Well today I'm just going to be doing a lot of cleaning, start to get rid of clothes and stuff, see what I have to send home before hand and everything.
Life is good. I love you all so much, I'm excited to see you!!!
Sister Zollinger
OH! PS We just found out that we're having a first ever MISSION CONFERENCE a few days before I leave and that ONE OF THE 12 APOSTLES IS COMING. And Sister Maw and I were asked to be part of the choir. I'M SINGING FOR ONE OF THE 12 APOSTLES FOUR DAYS BEFORE I COME HOME!!!!!!!!!! So that's cool. We still don't know who it is. But. It's going to be awesome.

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