Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This week...TRIUMPH!!!!

Hey President!!!

Life is so awesome and gratifying. This week.... TRIUMPH!!!! We had a lesson specifically dictated by the Spirit that allowed J and A to overcome their fears and get married.... and get baptized. I'm so happy. Bummed that it's not going to happen before I leave. But I know that I played a critical role in their conversion and that their family will be with me forever. I'm so happy. Also we just got another referral raining down on us, a little 8 year old boy. We got there and he'd already had the first discussion by some other elders the week before... I just flipped through the pictures of the Restoration pamphlet and He taught US the first discussion! So we're going to baptize him and hopefully his mom pretty quick here. I'm so excited for Sister Maw and her new companion, they have so much work to do when they get here! By the grace of God, Sister Maw will still be baptizing straight once I leave, our area is hopping!

Mas que eso.... Just yesterday we were waiting for someone, we were having a lesson at the church so I played piano and was looking out over the chapel that has been mine for the past 11 months, and I just got this overwhelming feeling of completion. I just heard the words "I have finished the work I have been sent to do". It felt so good to get that confirmation that I haven't left anything undone that I was meant to do, everything has either been finished or set in motion that I was sent to do. I can now go home in peace.

President, my mission means everything to me. I am a new person. I'm so excited to go home and to continue to change and progress, but the best thing is that right now, I know that I am exactly who the Lord wants me to be at this stage in my life. I don't think I could ever say that about another time in my life. But right now I can.

I love you so much and forever! See you soon!

Love, Sister Zollinger

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