Monday, February 17, 2014

I love being a missionary!

Ok, here's the low down from this week:


I love being a missionary!!!! This week was just amazing. We are finding a lot of new people these days with a lot of potential. This past week or so I've noticed that almost every time we go out finding, the first door we knock has let us in! That is crazy! As far as miracles this week:

Jimmy H. got baptized yesterday. President, I thought I would never see that day, or at least have to work my butt off to see that day. But luckily God knows who is prepared and how to prepare them, not me. I really have never been happier than on my mission. His whole family played a part in the program. Claudia and George gave prayers and Elizabeth gave a talk. What a beautiful thing. It was just perfect. The ward is embracing him so well, and that family is going to progress. He's getting his interview for the Aaronic Priesthood this coming Sunday, after he gets confirmed. And a temple recommend interview. So he and Claudia can go do baptisms any time after this coming Sunday! With Elizabeth! So amazing.

Speaking of the priesthood! Brother N blessed the sacrament this Sunday!!!! Oh my goodness. I know pride is bad, but I really felt like a proud momma watching him bless the sacrament and hand it to the other priesthood holders to pass it. I was so happy. They are so amazing. We have a lot of callings coming up here. It's been pretty impossible for the ward to keep up with home teaching and visiting teaching when we've already have had 6 baptisms in our ward since the first of the year, along with about 10 or so from the end of last year. It's amazing President.

Kerman is changing. Our ward is changing. The spirit of missionary work is catching fire. We are struggling to fill our other lesson goals because we are exceeding our member present goals! What a great problem to have! Our quality lessons have also greatly increased this year.... somehow last week we had 6 more quality lessons than we planned! The work is progressing steadily here. Also, our ward is really trusting us. When I first came here, we were fed about half the week. These days, many members are coming up to us during church and telling us that they are upset because our dinner calendar is so full they can't have us over! We actually had a family skip a family birthday party last week in order to feed us because they had been waiting for 2 months! They also have been asking us to help them teach a lot more during church. You can just feel the trust they have for us and they are more and more willing to come out with us. It is so amazing. I conducted the music at Jimmy's baptism, which was pretty full, and as I looked out at the members, I just realized how much I loved them and how much each of them was part of my new family. They all would smile at me, and I was just so grateful to think about how blessed I have been to build relationships with these wonderful people. Kerman is the best!

As for new investigators, my favorite story of the week is Doralicia! She is an amazing woman, probably about 60 years old. She has had a LOT of struggles in life, but she is the sweetest woman. She doesn't really speak any English. Well we were progressing pretty well with her by the second lesson, so we had a church tour with her! It happened to be during exchange, so I was working with the wonderful Sister Peters. We just had the most amazing church tour. It was my first real one. The Spirit was so strong, and I know she felt it. She told us that she really liked it, and that she believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet. She even brought up that one doubt was about tithing (we'd never brought that up ever before) because she had been to a church she really liked that paid it and she never remembered the name and somehow lost connection with it. We said that was us, and she said basically oh good, and she didn't have any problem with it at all! She's hoping to bring her husband with soon. She couldn't come to church this past Sunday because she was helping her son out of town, but she told us she wants to come all other Sundays! Her baptismal date is the 23rd of this month! She's amazing.

So pretty much I'm feeling great about life. Sister O got her results back and good news is she does not have a torn rotator's cuff, which means no surgery! Super good. So we're going to ANOTHER doctor tomorrow to get a cordizone shot in her shoulder... if that takes away the pain, then we know it's her shoulder, if it doesn't it means it's coming from her neck and we start all over.... so that's good. She's a champ. I'm getting better all the time, this past week it was just bursts of pain here and there, and the pain is lower... so definitely improving. And my Spanish is pretty darn awesome. Lots of natives complement me on it even! Not just white people! haha.... So that's awesome. I believe in the gift of tongues! I just hope I don't lose it after my mission....

Well I love you! Live long and prosper!


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