Monday, February 3, 2014

This was the week of Katniss

This week Sister Organista and I had the opportunity to work with the two new Spanish sisters, Sister Gomez and Sister De la Cruz. I took Sister De la Cruz out for Open Your Mouth all by myself because Sister Organista's ankle was hurting. Wow... that was an amazing experience! If nothing else, I learned what a huge responsibility it is to train! I was so nervous, and I just really really wanted to be the best example I could and I know I didn't do a stellar job (didn't do a bad job either, it was just my first one) but I think she had the experiences she needed to start her mission out confidently. That was great! And then we took Sister Gomez with us Friday while Sister Poston was at a leadership meeting. Sister Organista had me do most of the training for that day so I could practice... what an interesting chain! Sister Organista training me to train a new missionary! But it was great! Again, it was really scary to have that responsibility! It was her first day of a whole day working like a missionary in the field. She did great though. I remembered clearly being in her shoes, and I was very impressed with her performance. She was completely exhausted and pretty nervous because every thing was so new, but because of that she had to rely on the Spirit so much more, and you could tell the difference! I think that's one thing I learned from her, is that just because I have a little more experience doesn't mean I should lean so much on what I already know and what I have seen. I need to rely on the Spirit just as much as she does. Every time she bore her testimony it was just so humble and brought the Spirit so powerfully... she's going to be so great! She is so great. It was sad for me to give her back to Sister Poston at the end of the day, because she is so amazing, but it was a relief at the same time that Sister Poston wouldn't mess up like I'm afraid I would have! It was just a really good experience for me to learn quickly how to train. It humbled me a lot.

What happened is the first day you go out on Open Your Mouth.... like get off the plane, grab a sandwich and hit the streets with a companionship of experienced missionaries. Well Sis O couldn't walk much, so I just Sis Del la Cruz by herself! She's from Peru, speaks almost no English. So I translated all day for her as well... I'm getting good at that... it's so hard not to repeat what you hear! haha! Sometimes I can't tell if someone's speaking English or Spanish because I understand both.... it's tricky! Anyways, we actually ended up walking into an AA and drug rehab place.... I just saw a building with some old men outside and we talk with everyone, so I just went over and they are all recovering drug addicts... three of them. two of them were really nice, one was hitting on me hard core and made me feel really nervous because there are other nefarious addictions that come with drugs and alcohol.... he asked me what I was doing for dinner and kept interrupting me talking about the BOM and saying I was really pretty. That I shouldn't be religious yet and get into some trouble first... well poor Sis De la Cruz didn't understand and she was talking to one of the them in Spanish which was important for her, so I tried to just feel safe long enough for her to have a good experience and then I got us out of there.... but it was good all in all. She's so sweet! and then Sister Gomez just needed a day comp on Friday, so I practiced training her. They both are with their trainers in different areas now.

Well President, Brother N got the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday, and sometime this week he and his wife and possibly his son are all going to the temple to do baptisms for the first time. Just amazing. I love it so much. He was pretty nervous before he got the priesthood, because he feels the great responsibility he has. But he is so ready for it. He fellowships so well, we are all using him to strengthen all of our Spanish speaking investigators. He is so great!

And J is just moving along really well. We had a very sweet experience with him the other night. We talked about obedience and how that every commandment is connected with a blessing. Sister Organista asked him what blessings he has seen since he has been coming to church, praying, and reading the scriptures. He said that he felt a bit more patient, and a bit more calm! It was so great, because we had just been talking about that the other day, how we can see the change in his face, the new light and life in his eyes! It's amazing what the gospel does. You can really tell when people are being converted, it shows in their body and you can't hide it! He's going to be baptized this Sunday, we're so excited!

Yeah so that's pretty cool.... I love your emails. I love hearing all the stories about the kids! Oh they just crack me up!!! Sister O I'm pretty sure gets annoyed while I read them cuz I just laugh really loud, and then interrupt her music to read her parts of them hahaha.... what are companions for?

Health wise.... pretty much Thursday and Friday were miserable. My whole left shoulder and neck were in immense pain and I can't take any pain killers anymore... my doctor told me to try Alleve because you take it less than ibuprofen and tylonol.... still killed my stomach. So.... I dunno. I'm going to talk to him about it tomorrow when we go back. I don't know. 

FUN NEWS!!! Guess what?! Sister Hurley is serving in not only the same mission but THE SAME WARD WITH SISTER MORGAN SKIDMORE!!!! WHAT THE WEIRD?!?!?! So that's pretty awesome. They're getting to be pals!

Oh other fun news.... this week was the week of Katniss for me. During studies on Friday, Sister Gomez just looked up at me and said "Do you know the actress that plays Katniss?" And I was like "Yep. Get that a lot." Well then Sunday after being in the ward for 3 months a member of the bishopric told me I looked like her too, and the new elder, Elder Benites, was there and he freaked out and says all he sees is Katniss now when he looks at me. Apparently his sister is a huge fan of her, so he wrote home today and told her that he met Katniss. Haha.

pues necisito irme, te amo!!!!!

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