Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thank You Everyone!

So this first picture is a miracle. One night last week I was feeling a bit more sad than usual... just lonely. Hard week. And I come home to three letters and a package! A letter from Sister Murphy, a letter and a "mutual masterpiece" from an elder from my district (Elder Barrio) in the CCM (a mutual masterpiece is when he randomly doodled on a piece of paper, I embelish and send it back, and so forth till the whole thing is covered! He's hilarious), a DANCING and SINGING card from Elder Lund (CCM) that said "Happy Birthday, Party your Grass Off" due to the dancing hula girl, and a Valentine's/Easter package from Grandma Sherry! Just felt really good. Thank you every one!

Elder Benites with the Molloy's snake. Prior to this he said "I am all Griffindor, and I am in no way going to touch a snake." But I talked him into it. Haha he's crazy.

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