Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I love my new companion!

 April 30, 2014

Man.... this week has been stressful. I've never seen an area as on fire as this area... apparently the Sunday before I got here they had 17 investigators at church. It's crazy. So Sister Segovia and Sister De La Cruz set up the area really well, but with 0 baptismal dates, and then Sister De La Cruz and I came in and set 5 dates for May and more are praying and fasting... so about 10 people pending baptisims. Of course they're all on different levels of solidity, we are not going to baptize all of them this month, but it feels good to be going somewhere. I was burned out in Kerman. Although I think about Kerman every day, it feels good to have this time to start over and not feel so burned out.

Sister De La Cruz is awesome! She is a powerful missionary, and she really knows the Bible. It is really fun to be companions with her, because I took her out on Open Your Mouth and I can see how much she has grown! I can also see some of the things I saw the first day that were going to be long term challenges, and hopefully I can help with that. I love her so much, I feel a different connection with her than I have with any of my other companions, which is funny because we have to communicate pretty much exclusively in Spanish! Some nights while we are talking I just think to myself "Wow..... I am talking to a Peruvian about her life in Spanish and I understand and can say valuable things back!" The gift of tongues is real President! Side note on that.... a "worldly" goal (I guess you could say) I had was that by the end of my mission, someone would ask me if I was Mexican. Just from not having an accent and from actually getting tan from getting outside of a school building or work..... and it happened yesterday! Some Mexican girls I've been teaching this past week thought for sure that my parents spoke Spanish in my house growing up and that I was part Mexican!!!!! So that was really fun. Although not really spiritual. But it makes me very grateful that God has blessed me to speak Spanish well.

This week has been challenging. I'm coming out of it strong, but it was so hard. Coming to a 100% Spanish area with a 100% Spanish companion kills your brain. So many new names, so many new places, and then everything is in Spanish. But I have grown a lot. Also it's hard because I'm a senior companion for the first time. I felt a real weight come down on my shoulders as we read companionship responsibilities

So that's what's going on here! I love my district and my zone. I miss everyone like crazy in Kerman, but I love every one here in Ceres, this place is on fire!!!! Elder Garcia is a fantastic districit leader, I feel like I can talk to him about my concerns with the area and he supports me. The Zone Leaders are awesome as well, Elder Cook is making a very smooth transition to zone leader and Elder McClung is fantastic! Love this place!!! Thanks for sending me here.

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