Monday, May 12, 2014


I got my hair cut some more this morning.  a Sister missionary fixed the back of my hair because from the front it looked good but from the back it still looked like a mullet. So she evened it out for me.

First b-day present!!!! Thank you Uncle Mark and Aunt Diane!!!

ALSO, We had a zone activity with like two zones and we went to a park and started with sand volley ball. I'm super rusty now, I played terribly.... eventually we switched to RUGBY. YEAH. And since Sis. De la Cruz was playing we put all Spanish missionaries on one team and English on the other... and Mom, we hispanics CRUSHED IT. And The elders named me MVP. Apparently no one could ever see me coming, so I tagged every one and we crushed those Americans. Haha. But then someone called us out because really Elders and Sisters shouldn't touch... so we repented and stopped. But we beat them before that. Haha. And then some elders here know a man who owns all the Little Ceaser's in the area, so we had free pizza when we were all done. GOLDEN day. So happy. My back hurts... but so what. I love playing sports and yelling every thing in Spanish haha so fun.

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