Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Less than a year left!

 March 31, 2014

Sisters' Conference was so great. For one of the first times in my life, I really felt special being a woman. A lot of my life I just really felt a need to compensate to be heard for some reason, and I always felt a need to prove that I was as good as any man at pretty much everything. That conference really just brought a sweet spirit, and I just felt really blessed to be a woman. I really appreciated that. It made me think a lot about how I am preparing to be a mother as well. It helped me realize that everything I am doing now is just preparing me to be the mom I really want to become. It also helped me understand how I can better help and motivate the elders, especially as a "mood setter". It was just a lot of really great things I wished I had heard right at the start of my mission! It was so great, thank you to all of you who had prepared, it was just amazing.

Well, this week, we did not fulfill all the goals we were trying to fulfill. But looking back, there was really nothing we could have done better. We worked so hard, we put it all out in the field. We didn't reach our 10 new investigators, but we did get 5 which is really good for our area! There are some pretty solid ones in the mix of those new investigators, and I think we'll baptize two of them pretty quickly. So it was a frustrating time counting up the numbers, but at the same time I am at peace because I know we did our best. 

Cool story for the week: We talked with the zone leaders and we dissolved the boundaries splitting Kerman. We all kept our normal out side towns, but it just seemed silly to split Kerman at this point, because there were just needs each of us could meet better if we went to all sides. So Sister VanWie and I have been spending some time getting to know the other side of Kerman. We were searching for our 10 investigators, and we saw a house with some gorgeous roses, so we went over and talked to the man outside of that house. We talked about the roses for a bit and then transitioned into who we were. We sang him "Soy un Hijo de Dios" ("I am a Child of God") because we only had Spanish hymn books, although Rod only spoke English. We sang all three verses. Well Rod is probably in his 60's, he loves electric guitars, has a nice long beard, sitting in a beat up old truck, but he is also very very sweet. We looked up after those three verses and tears were just streaming from his eyes. We were able to set up a follow up appointment for later that week. So we went back Saturday and we started talking again. He expressed some concern for his grandmother, who was a very good and caring woman but was a staunch Communist and did not really have much religious background to his knowledge. He said something to the effect of "Well, who knows where she is?" I looked him in the eyes and said "As representatives of Jesus Christ, we can tell you where your grandmother is." He just met my eye contact and said "Really?" and I said yes and we jumped into the plan of Salvation. We are going to follow up with him on Wednesday. That is really about my favorite part of being a missionary. Being able to look people in the eyes and say "As a representative of Jesus Christ, I can tell you (answer to concern)". There's such a power that rushes through your body, it is the most amazing thing ever. That's about my favorite thing to do. People actually take you pretty seriously when you do that.

Well, Sister VanWie and I are working harder than I have ever worked in my mission, and that's saying something. We are looking good for April, a lot of potential investigators and a few dates set. I am looking forward to this next transfer in Kerman!

Yeah SO life is good... hard but good. I'm just feeling a need to get under control though... we've been working so hard it's spinning a little. But I'm starting to gain a reputation for that. Sister Peters is my sister training leader (like my sister district leader) and she was telling a sister at sister's conference that I would work her to death if she went on exchange with me, because that's what I did to Sister Peters. She said she was super surprised and was like "Wait, how long have you been out?" So that made me feel really good. 

Also! Big news. I've been wanting to do a language class for FOREVER and Sister VanWie and I finally decided to just do it! So starting this Tuesday, we are holding a language class Tuesdays and Thursday evenings for the next five weeks. Our goal was to teach our English sisters enough Spanish to say prayers, bear testimony, and give part of each of the three discussions so we can have better team ups, because all of our assets speak English and we teach mostly Spanish! So the ward really like the idea, and they are inviting everyone, not just the women! So that's really exciting. We've been working super hard on lesson plans, vocabulary lists and I even wrote a syllabus!!! So that's awesome.

Love you all!!! Have a great.... life???..... Less than a year left! PANIC

<3 Hermana Zollinger

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