Monday, May 19, 2014

This week has been one crazy roller coaster!

Hola Presidente!!!

Well this week has been one crazy roller coaster. I felt like I was learning a lot, but now I'm coming out of it feeling like a brand new missionary straight from the MTC with not a clue of what to do. I'm pretty anxious for Zone Conference tomorrow, because I really need some help.

So what happened was our zone is determined to have the Power of One this month and have every companionship baptize. Well it's been quite the adjustment coming here to Ceres. I've never transferred before and it was kind of crazy. So it wasn't until like this past Wednesday that I really committed to baptize. I talked with Elder Garcia, prayed, and then I made a Game Plan for my area. Basically it was just to really essentialize who we are teaching. At that point we had four families that we could baptize by the end of the month. We were strictly going to see them everyday. We have several families we are preping for June. Those we could see max twice a week in order to have enough time for the first four. And then we had a list that just weren't progressing but had some small potential... those we can't touch until June. Well we did that President and the first day we saw MIRACLES. The second day was good, the third day was ok, and then yesterday was the Fourth day, and we only had one little boy come to church. And that's becasue we went to his house, forced him to get ready, and somewhat dragged him to church. But once he was there he never wanted to leave and it turned out to be a great experience. He's set to get baptized this Friday. We pray. He changes his mind like every day. But he's so prepared, he LOVED church, he wanted to answer every question even though he didn't really know what was being talked about. He's the best. But in the mix we seemed to have missed helping some families that don't have potential, but could have used some compassion. Sister De la Cruz was pretty upset about that. So basically I came out last night feeling like I had done my best to dedicate every thing to God but felt like maybe my motivations weren't right, was I really fulfulling my purpose, had I let somebody down, what was I doing?? So we talked about it. We are going to continue our game plan, but I just need some direction. I know that tomorrow will help me Spiritually recharge though, I'm excited for that. 

Well, that's about all. Sister De la Cruz and I are doing great. I love her to death. We have trials and little frictions, but we are open about everything. I love you, see you tomorrow!

In a nut shell. This week was rough. I really needed today.
Also, we called the cops on someone this week.... saw a teenage boy beating up his mom outside their trailer.... So that was rough. The heat here got pretty intese... it was 111 acording to our car for like two days. Sister De la Cruz and I got pretty sick... so we're trying to learn to adjust. It's cooled down a bit, but I really have no idea how I'm going to survive this summer....
But happier things! We are progressing with several investigators, we found some new ones! Paulito should be getting baptized this Friday, he is a cool little dude. We still aren't 100% he's even 8..... his sister says he's 7, he's told me he's 7 and 9. And his mom says he's 10. So there's like a 50% chance he's old enough.... hahaha shoot... this place is crazy. But it should be ok. And then we are working miracles with another famliy of "eternagators".... eternal investigators. I really feel like we are going to baptize them. In two weeks. Pray for the Ruiz family. We are working so hard with them. We've had really powerful experiences, fasting with him, with the priesthood... their family loves us to death, they are so awesome. And we are GOING to baptize them, they've just gotta commit!!! But I have faith.
Tomorrow we have Zone Conference! I'm playing piano for the confernce, and then Elder Corona and I are singing (we'll record it) and then it's My BIRTHDAY, so we'll probably go out to dinner afterwards with some missionaries. Should be fun. Haven't got your package yet, but probably will tomorrow at Zone Conference :)
This week has been hard. But hey, that's being a missionary for ya. Do your best and He'll do the rest. The Book is blue, the Church is true. And that's the only thing that keeps you going through the tough times. Honestly, as much as I love my mission, at least once every day I reach a point where I think, "Can I really finish this? Can I really keep going?" But it's the thought that this is the TRUTH, and if someone else could do my job, I wouldn't be here. But they can't, becuase most people don't have what I have. The truth about who God is. He is MY Father. That means I have something to live up to. I can't just pick and chose. The truth about my Savior. He died for ME but He CANNOT save me IN my sins. I have to change. The truth about revelation. There is a LIVING PROPHET TODAY. He is here to help us. I know these things are true and that happiness only can come through living these principles. That's what keeps me going. Salvation never was cheap. Jesus Christ didn't have a huge amount of success on His mission. But that didn't mean what He taught wasn't true or that we won't be held accountable to this someday. I know it, I love it, it brings me peace and happiness when life gets hard. This is my testimony. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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