Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This week has been, as usual, packed with crazy things! For one, our water on Tuesday was purple for several hours.... so we couldn´t do laundry... found that out once I got home from emailing. So we had to do laundry at night, which is almost impossible, you´re never home. so that´s good.... also our smoke detector ran out of battery so it just beeped super loud for like 24 hours until reception remembered to come fix it.... also we´ve had a new clothes dryer sitting in a box in our laundry room for a week... today they came and took it out of the box... so that´s good...still not hooked up.... maybe by next week haha. Also, luckily the Mexicans are holding some local week long festival that includes Mass at 5:30am.... and if the Mexicans ever feel much of any emotion they set off fireworks... cada dia. So the first couple days we were all pretty crabby, having woken up to fireworks from 5:30 until it was time to get up anyways,... now we sleep through it... or they stopped... no sé. Just always sirens, fire works and gun shots here. So. Loco.
So onto spiritual stuff. Guess what?!?!?! Both of our investigators committed to baptism this past week!!!!! We were the first in our district. It was so amazing. They love you feel for these people when you understand the importance of the decision they are making is amazing. We just really followed the spirit and taught them the way they needed to be taught. One of them we brought a member... one of our other teachers. She was instrumental, so HEY. GO TEACH WITH THE MISSIONARIES. I know you guys are super great with that, but I just really learned how important members are. It´s one of my number one goals to get my wards super into missionary work, especially the youth. Travis and McKay, shout out to you guys, cuz seriously the practice I got with our missionaries helped me to be a better teacher out here and made me want to go on a mission even more.... I use them as examples all the time when we share stuff in our district. Seriously, huge deal. Make sure Dylan is getting involved in missionary work! It´s so great. We´ve learned so much about our teaching this week. We bring a specific general conference talk almost every time about a personal issue they could use help on. We also have learned to teach them how to use the Book of Mormon. We pick a chapter that has to do with their life and then we read about 7 to 10 verses with them, pausing and teaching them how to receive answers by asking them the right kind of questions. Then we assign the rest for homework and they actually get excited to read more. It´s been so amazing. And we pray with them right there in our meeting about the questions they need answered. It´s literally the most amazing thing.
I´ve also been blessed with a lot of personal revelation lately... who knew it, but the Book of Mormon is like the best "How to be a Stellar Missionary" guide ever! This past week I´ve been studying in Alma 11 to 18.... just wow. So great. Also I´ve been having a hard time (again) the past few days.... just feeling down and kinda worthless... and so I asked the zone leaders to give me a blessing.... these two 18 year old boys just astound me cada dia (every day). They are so young and at times goof off but when their priesthood is called on they are some of the most righteous men I know. It was one of the most amazing blessings I´ve ever received. In Doctrine and Covenants 84:80-88, God spells out some specific blessings given to His missionaries... in one of those last verses it talks about the angels He will  send to support you.... between all the emails, the letters and packages, and my district and zone, I could entirely fill the margins with the names of my angels that are supporting me. This is one of the hardest things I´ve ever done, and  I have never been more blessed or known how loved I am more.
So life is great! Been a little sick lately, but it´s definitely on the upswing. I´m starting to get excited to be back in the USA and rely on things more... it´s pretty tricky here!
Well, I love you all!!!!! I miss you all a ton. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts, it really helps! We listened to a devotional from Elder Holland the other week and he told us that besides the prophet we are the most prayed for people in the entire world... and then added that not many people who pray for the prophet don´t immeditately add the missionaries, so basically we´re prayed for as much as the prophet. Without all of those prayers, it would be nigh impossible to get through everything. You´re whole heart is invested in loving and teaching people the most important message in the whole world.... and that leaves a lot of pressure, stress, and heartbreak. Whether it´s leaving the area and people you love, not speaking as well as you want to or understanding as much, or watching them not accept, it kills you!!!! And I haven´t even had a real investigator yet! So, thank you for all the prayers and love, and keep them coming for all those missionaries out there!
Love you all!!!
Hermana Z

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