Tuesday, October 1, 2013

¡Hola todas personas!

 ¡Hola todas personas! Oh my goodness. Disclaimer. I can´t even tell you a tenth part of what has happened the past 5 days. Whatever you read has happened, but is no where near the full picutre. Just sayin.                    
     SO. I love Mexico. The Mexicans are crazy. There are always police and ambulence sirens and the Mexicans are CONSTANTLY setting off fireworks so there´s always loud random banging. Estan lo.cos. Pero (but) I love it!!! It's exactly like the movies.... I was going to put some pictures here, but I'm still figuring out how to do that here. Lo siento. The food is.... very Mexican. It's kind of hit or miss. Either I super love it or I eat it because I´m starving. Pero esta bien.          
     Mi companera (my companion) is Hermana Hurley! She and I are literally the same person. We get along SUPER well. We are literally the funniest people on campus..... jk.... pero really, we have so much fun!!!! (picutre of her I was going to put here....) We share a room with the other hermanas  in our district, Hermana Lees y Hermana Flamm. They are so great! (picutre of the four of us I can´t put up yet....) I LOVE MY DISTRICT. We are super close. We have to do pretty much everything together... basically all day everyday the 9 of us (one companionship of 3 elders) are stuck in the same classroom studying espanol y el Evangelio (the gospel).          
      This week has been really hard and discouraging. My espanol has improved a ton in just the past few days. I can understand pretty well if it comes from a non-native speaker, it´s a lot harder when they´re native. For some reason I can speak decent spanish until we teach our investigator (Josue, ponounced Ho-sway). Yes, we taught a lesson a day and a half into the CCM (MTC). Super intimidating thought, but he is super nice and helps us along. He doesn´t know english but if we say enough spanish words that are close enough he helps us find the right one. Anyways, my mind tends to go completely blank when we teach him. Hermana Hurley is very good at spanish, and she helps me a lot, but it's frustrating. I´m in one of the first intermediate classes, I don't know how the beginners do it. We know about as much spanish to start with as they will finish with so I´m grateful for that. Anyways, I was having a very hard time being here and just dealing with the rules and structure... it´s just so constant you never get a break and I like to have fun.... haha. Luckily we have about an hour of gym time a day so we play epic volleyball and that helps. ANYWAYS I was struggling, just being happy and feeling the spirit. It was hard. So Sunday Hermana and I had a companionship inventory and talked about our frustrations and how to fix them. And then we went to go teach our District sunday school and our lesson had to change on the fly and it ended up being an amazing testimony sharing bonding time that pretty much turned everything around for our whole district. Everything has been a lot better since then.      
      Today is P day. Most of it was taken up with going to the TEMPLE. So amazing. In spanish... I had a headset for english, you´re only allowed to use them your first time, but it was really cool. I have pictures, but you guessed it.... can´t get em up yet. The drive was super long... not because the temple is super far away but because Mexican streets are terrible, overcroweded and full of crazy drivers. There are  basically no rules. It´s crazy. All the buildings are super old, basically the streets are just lines with shops that have garage doors to close the shop. Graffiti everywhere. Anything that isn't graffiti is a primary color. It's way cool. Picutres to follow.                  
       Well.  A ton more has happened and I don´t have a ton more time so I LOVE YOU! Thanks for all the emails!!!!! Although it made me sob I really appreciate it. It feels like I´ve been here for years, and I can´t even tell you how nice it is to get so much love and realize just because you´ve left the outside world people still care and love you!!!!               ¡Adios!      Hermana Z

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  1. So proud of your amazing adventure. Thank you for sharing. We love you.