Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Life Is Good!

General Conference was so great, we got to watch it in English. So. Nice. Although my spanish is really improving. It´s starting to effect my english though. Like I can´t spell in English very well anymore, and sometime I´ll be speaking in spanish and then slip into english with a spanish accent... it´s bizarre. So i´m in between languages now. So all week I´ve been writing down a list of things to tell you because I forgot a million of them last week. So here we go. One. Our shower is tempermental. Our first week here the pressure was so hard it literally caused you to cry out in pain every time it touched you. Difficult to shower when the water can´t touch you. So we put a pair of my nylons over it and that softened it but it misted everywhere! Then this past week it super mellowed out so you could hardly get wet and now just one place has the dagger water pressure. Fun stuff. Two. I got a pet catepillar. His name is Moctezuma. Actually I don't have him anymore, he seemed to have escaped. My roommates hated him, and didnt want me to bring him home but then they like changed his paper when he pooped and helped me get leaves for his cup cage and put him back in when he got out. It was great fun. Hopefully he got out the window cuz they did a bug bomb yesterday.... but I'm sure he´s happy somewhere. Three....Can you send me a picture of McKay Morrison and Avery Turnman??? One of my roommates looks so much like McKay and an Elder in my district looks like Avery and I need to show them.... thanks!!! Four.... everyone I meet asks about Zollingers. Everyone knows a Zollinger.  It´s crazy. Five. I´m becoming known as Hermana (Katniss) Everdeen. An elder came up to me last week and said that he and his buddies had been calling me that ever since I got here and another sister told me the other day. It´s so funny. Six. All prayers and hymns and testimonies are done in Spanish since like day one. It´s way cool, but tricky at times. A lot of the prayers say the same thing because we don´t have a very big vocab yet. Seven. My district leader and zone leader are 18. Actually all the elders in my district are 18. Then two 19 year olds including me and two 20 year old sisters, including my comp. Eight, please send my white stretch undershirt to Calli along with my peach and my brown flats por favor, I don´t really wear my gray ones they're too hot and the heals are ridiculous. ¡Gracias! Nine, could you send me a copy of the General Conference Ensign when it comes out??? I really feel like I need to study it. Ten, mom, could you please check my tithing and  my last pay check??? GRACIAS. Eleven, please pray for nonawkward  missionary experiences!!! Members really make all the difference in missionary work, I know our family can do so much even though we´re busy!!! General conference was so great, I loved it! just pray for what you need and God will give it to you. Twelve can you please Facebook Spencer Ballard for me and get his email address??? Muchas gracias!!!! Finally, the Mexicans kill me!!!! They are so crazy!!!! A lot of our leadership are Mexican, one gave us a devotional before General Conference on Sunday.... to illustrate the blessing of paying tithing to some people at a different conference that he told us about, he used the story of his first bus robbery and his first kidnapping (he was being robbed and kidnapped, he´s not an excriminal) they are so funny! And they say it the funniest ways.... they also always say "this needs to be done, and so I do it" or something..... man it doesn´t do it justice without the tiny man and the accent, you lose it all... but it´s hilarious! They kill me. Ok on to story time..... this week got hard again. I felt like I didn´t know why I was here after a bad lesson yesterday. I felt like I wasn´t buckling down and doing my part and I didn´t feel like I could. So Hermana Hurley talked to me and a sister teacher found me and helped me out. It was great.She told me to pray and open the Book of Mormon at random and read.... I flipped to 3 Nephi 3 verse 3 and it said "It seemeth me a pity (insert Kelsie) that you should be so foolish and vain...." we had a good laugh and I knew what God was saying. So I´m trying to get over myself and move on and work hard. Hermana and I are trying harder to live with exact obedience, which is pretty tricky. Also, if you want to help the kiddos prepare for a mission, the only thing I felt like I´m really lacking that I should have developed is time management. I did what I had to when I was earning a grade or working, but the only way to measure success here is your effort all the time, which is really hard for me. So if you can find a clever way to help the kids with that, they will appreciate it on the mission!!!!! Well I feel like I have so much I´m missing.... but if I told you everything I´d have to call you for three hours every night! Tonights pizza night! and  we just played volley ball as a district for like two hours. I´m getting pretty decent. OH!!!!!!!!!! I forgot! I got a sweet injury from volley ball last week!!!! So we play every day and I guess it can be hard on your body.... my wrist was really hurting but it always hurts cuz the ball is really hard. So I just kept playing. Eventually I looked down at the inside of my wrist and an inch and a half long section of MY VEIN was STICKING OUT OF MY WRIST. Not like outside of my body, it was just raised like a centimeter out, it was NUTS! It looked like it was going to pop. We didn´t know what was going on so Hermana and I went to the doctor wondering if it was like a clot or something. They wrapped it super DUPER tight in this freezing cold bandage.... so tight... for fifteen minutes and then gave me a compression sleeve. The blood decompressed and relocated so I have a sick huge bruise covering my wrist now. It just happens when I serve so if I serve too much I have someone else keep going for me. Esta bien. But its cool. I´ve also had a huge bruise on my knee since I got here cuz I always dive. I love volley ball with my district. Ok.... welll I think that´s it! We think we figured out pictures, so if the other hermanas finish with the upload cord and I have time I´ll send you some. LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!! Hermana Z 

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  1. Kelsie,
    Thank you for sharing your amazing adventure with us, we love you and miss you!