Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life is Still good!

       Went to the temple again today, super great.... life here is crazy as usual... Spanish is getting better and better! Man, it´s so hard to talk about the week because everything requires so much of  a story it´s almost better to just say nothing! haha.... almost. So.... most recent injuries.... ripped off a chunk of my foot last week playing volley ball in the sand.... mi hermanas had to do surgery and I was literally screaming... but it´s almost healed now! And my wrist is completely healed. So that´s good. Although my pinky toe is either having an allergic reaction to a band aid or i have staff infection in it... as far as I can tell, I only discovered the swelling and pus last night, haven´t had time to poke around. SO LIFES GOOD haha.... still love my district! The oldest district just moved out, so my DL and his comp are now ZL, Elder Roundy is DL now and the other hermanas became the sister trainers! Like sister zone leaders. So great! Busy busy busy! Lessons are going really well, I´m really learning how to teach by the spirit! Almost every lesson we plan never gets taught that way.... we end up scrapping it mid-lesson to teach what they actually need.... luckily Hermana Hurley and I are super insync and mind read!!! It´s so great!..... So.... funny story time? There´s like a million and five to be told each day, but theres one that happened yesterday. So the maintenence people fumugate our casas (houses) to get rid of bugs....extermely toxic. So they were supposed to do it last week. Well as we´re leaving our house for gym time yesterday, a lady comes and tells us they´re going to fumugate while we’re gone. But that means that our house was nasty toxic by the time it was time to change... so we waited outside for like twenty minutes... but it was class time and we had an investigator that morning... so we covered our faces, ran in and got all our clothes and stuff and then walked across campus to class to change.... but me being me, super sensitive, i was sick like all morning... almost puked a million times and was really light headed. but it was a good time, super crazy! I got LETTERS THIS WEEK! Mail is just starting to come in from when I left.... So i got a card from Brenda´s family last Wednesday, Jackie´s package Thursday, and a letter from Taylor Friday! So great. I´m writing back to them today. Also.... I can´t speak English or Spanish well at this point... all the words get so mixed up it´s so hard to write letters!!!!!  Well, I love you!!!!! I´ll try to send more pictures soon!!!!!!

Aaand I had more time than I thought I would, so I´ll write a little more.... Hey, could you send recent picutres of everyone? so I can show my district. Gracias!                Anyways, life is so nuts here. I´m basically always sick.... naseua is always there. Between the food and the water, it´s exciting stuff. It´s always difficult to get up in the morning. Oh, did I tell you my district is really good at singing?? so we are doing a musical number for the CCM este domingo ( this Sunday).... medly of Nearer my  God to Thee and Where can I turn for Peace..... I´m learning how to sing a lot better here cuz we do it all the time. The last line of Where can I Turn for Peace everyone else is humming their part and I´m singing it in English.... we´re so good I wish I could record it for you! Ummm.... what else.... I don´t know... every day is ridiculouly hard, and  yet I´ve never laughed so much in my life. I learned how to play ultimate frisbee last week, HIGHLIGHT it´s so much fun. Today we went to the temple again.... going to play volley ball as a district in about an hour.... I have tons of friends here. It´s so great. The sad thing is I don´t want to leave them at all. My district is so tight. We all take really good care of each other. Mi maestra (teacher) said that she´s never seen a district as unified and funny as ours.... we have so many inside jokes and we all talk about everything together and build each other up  spiritually and in español. Me encata mi distrito (i love my district. technically i´m enchanted by mi district, pero they use it like i love) i don´t think I´ve told you my regualr schedule yet have I?............ wake up at 630, get dressed, in class by 7 for study time, usually we´re planning a lesson for one of our two investigators, (pamela y Carlos) but we only teach one investigator a day, alternate days. Then it´s breakfast at 745 then gym. class again at 945. either we start class with investigator teaching or it´s language time or she coaches us... our main teacher is Hermana Haws, I LOVE  HER she served in Chicago, she´s like our big sister. She´s so great, she´s an amazing teacher. Then lunch at 1245 and then class around 130, usually personal study followed by like half an hour of language. Then it´s investigator time if you didn’t teach in the morning. Then it´s Hermano Tapia time (I call him Hermano Tapioca sometimes.... whoops) who was our first investigator named Josue. He was just acting, and then one day he comes in in a suit and like, hey, i´m you´re teacher, you didn´t have to worry about me soul... haha funny. oh well. He´s a native and doesn´t speak too much english, but he´s super nice and funny, he´s 22 and served in Mexico. love him. So we have class like language and more coaching until dinner at 615. Then it´s typically personal study and language study till 8, then TALL (technology assisted language learning) which is just a program we use to practice LDS lesson specific spanish and grammar through BYU programming.... super boring but I try to take it seriously. Then we go back to class at 9, plan for the next day and have a district slash family prayer and hymn and spiritual thought from the White Handbook of rules and then home... I shower at night, the other girls talk and lights out at 1030. Repeat. Haven´t been sleeping too well with the sirens and dogs always barking the past few nights pero está bien. So there you go! Shoulda sent that a few weeks ago, lo siento (i´m sorry... literally translates to it I feel, but yup, that´s sorry in spanish... kinda funny haha)..... well I LOVE YOU! hasta proxima semana! Until next week! Se amo mucho!!!! Hermana Z

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