Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July!

Hey Momma!
Yeah... this week has been so crazy. Awesome, but crazy. As usual.
So last week I went to my first ever MLC. That's just zone leaders and STL's (sister training leaders) with the coordianting sisters and assitants. There are nine of us STL's. It was an awesome meeting. I felt so blessed to be able to be in that room with some of the best missionaries in the mission and just counsel together, especially because it was where President was asking us what the mission was like, what do we need to focus on, stuff like that because he doesn't know just yet. Although he's hitting the field hard, he was meeting  the mission this whole week but every night was going out teaching with missionaries. His wife is going out with us as well! I love them both so much. They are VERY different from the Gelwixes, but they are so awesome. President Clark is a very wealthy man, he just sold two very successful buisnesses... but he is so humble and so tender. He is just a big teddy bear. Doesn't teach like Coach Gelwix, but he is an AMAZING example. Very smart. He writes EVERYTHING down. He's all about creating a family culture, and so he LOVES that we already have such a strong family culture in the mission, he doesn't really want to change anything. Sister Clark is super awesome too. She's really pretty and cute, and she is a strong professional teacher. She loves being a mom and wants to mom all of us. They are all taking time to try and get to know us and it just feels good. At MLC I got to be with just her and the other STL's for a meeting, she's just so awesome. I get to be with them again this coming Thursday at Leadership Training.
As for other life things... let's see, let's see. OH! Fourth of July. Haha..... so Thursday night I realized we didn't have plans and it's not like we could just tag along with our ward cuz their all Mexicans. So. I called Elder Garcia and he and his companion just wanted to stay home and the zone leaders had seperate plans so I was like What the HECK?! We had to have our cars parked by 6 and had to be at home unless we were with members.... so I was bumming out Thursday night. Well Sister De la Cruz is so sweet and was determined to find someone to take me to see fireworks. So she started calling everyone on Friday. Still nothing. Well we parked at 6 and were home and I just went to bed cuz we woke up at 5 to get to Fresno in time for MLC and I'd been driving for 4 hours with meetings and things... and then we got plans! We went to the Montuy family hahaha it was so funny. Elder Garcia and Elder Arroyo came too!!!! And they had a ton of hay ready in their yard... and they set it on FIRE haha and it was windy and started just blazing and we panicked and they were trying to put it out and I just can't really explain but it felt like home. Except missionaries aren't allowed to light things so I wasn't as involved as I'd usually have been. And then they set off fireworks in their yard and all around other people were setting bigger illegal ones off and it was super fun. Good night.
Yeah it was pretty funny. They knew I was a firefighter's daughter, and when the fire started to get out of control and I just stepped back and yelled for someone to get the hose they're all like "What the heck?! Everything is burning and the firefighter's daughter just stands there?!" and I was just like "hey, I told you that this all was a bad idea in the first place, cuz I've seen this go down a million times. We all knew that everything was going to go up. Not my responsiblity. Plus, I'm in a skirt." hahaha

Transfer calls this Saturday! Very likely Sister De la Cruz is getting transfered, I hope she goes to a 1/2 and 1/2 area so she can really take off on her English. That's just the little push she needs, she's getting so good but she needs more of an opportunity to practice!

Other funny story... I think I already told you Sister De la Cruz says I have Puss in Boots eyes when I'm happy with what I'm eating? well it's spreading, Elder Garcia and Elder Arroyo say I have "Precious Moments" eyes when I eat now too hahaha

I love you so much!!!!!


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