Monday, July 21, 2014

Training a new companion!

Hey President!!!

 I love my companion so much. She just is so awesome. She just is so eager to help, and she doesn't ever complain, and she is solid. She contributes to every lesson and I can just stop and look at her and she picks up without missing a beat and she says everything with such an awesome power... . And she just loves to work... if she needs something from her room while we're in the apartment, she runs. It's just awesome. And she's hungry to learn English. It's just the best of everything. And then in the end, she just comes back with telling me that she loves me and that I'm the best trainer in the mission... which I'm not even training her. She already has everything. So it's about the sweetest deal ever.... best trainer in the mission without doing anything. LOVE MY LIFE SO MUCH RIGHT NOW.

We are so close to having so much exito here!!!! We have like four people getting so close to baptism. I was getting kind of frustrated without having any dates for a while... but right now we have 0 dates (4).... so I feel like we do because we are just so close. We are going to baptize during this training. It can only go up from here. I'm just so excited about life.

Javier almost has a job so as soon as that happens he'll be ready to get married he said... then baptism! Juan really felt the Spirit and said that yes, he wants to get baptized but he wants it to be a special day... so he's praying to set a date right now. Amy is so close we finally figured out that she's just afraid to change her life, but she admitted that she knows that God wants her to get baptized. And we're finding new people all the time. The members are bringing referrals out of the walls.... like someone flipped a switch. It's so awesome. One member actually just brought a family to church without ever having met the missionaries and then handed them over to us... President, I feel so strongly that these two transfers are going to be the best of my whole mission.

Love you President!

Sister Zollinger

About Kelsie's new companion:

She is awesome. Her name is Lucy Contreras Blancas, she's 23, she's from Mexico, most recently Mexico City. It was so cool.... I just felt super nervous and then I was so excited..... and then we were all in the chapel, trainers on the side and trainees in the middle and one by one president called us up.... She said that she knew it was me when I was leading the opening song. So... yeah. Just thrilled. I don't have a picture yet, but seriously... she's so awesome. It's been a dream. She's super responslibe, she's such a peacemaker.... she just calms me and soothes me all the time. She looks like a mexican version of Michelle (Church, Kelsie's cousin.) yeah... pretty much Michelle Church is my companion. That is an accurate statement. The other day she made me breakfast and lunch. She is just all over everything, but in a very calm way, always looking for what she can do to help. She is such an amazing example of dignified humble service. I'm going to learn so much from her!!!!

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