Monday, July 28, 2014

We had a baptism this week!

Hey President Clark!

So this week we had so many miracles. First one being that we just baptized a girl out of no where. So that was great. I know that God really wants me to invest in Hermana Contreras because He wants her to get used to the feeling of baptizing. I can feel it. I already feel like she is a much better missionary than me. She is honestly about the most Christlike person I know. She is always serving everyone and she is so calm and she bears powerful testimony. Everyone call feel her spirit... I am just so lucky to have her. She makes me want to be so much better so that I don't let her down. 

So this week we baptized someone... we're setting high goals and I know that we can reach them. We are committed to this. It's so awesome. I feel like I don't even know what to tell you more than that. She just helps me all the time, she is so happy, never complains, and for some reason she loves me even though I am so imperfect. It's just.... it's a beautiful thing. 

We are working with several part member families and we have faith we are going to baptize several people this month.

I love you so much President. Pay special attention to Hermana Contreras. She is really going to be one of your strongest leaders by example as her mission progresses. 

Love you!

Hermana Zollinger


You may notice that we are dressed in white.... because she was embarassed by the suits.... so we told her we would wear them so she wouldn't look like a dork by herself. It was cool. The members were all really concerned at first, but then we told them why and then they thought it was cool we were supporting her. It was a straight up miracle.

My companion is great. I feel like I did when I was being trained. I think we're going to just baptize straight through her training.... it just feels so good. Because God is helping us baptize because she needs to. It's so awesome. This baptism wasn't us. Like we kept going even though the odds were slim, bu that's all you have to do. When you get an answer, you move mountains because you are willing to try and stick too it.... and then God actually lifts it through you. Not you. Just you picking up your feet and going even though it looks ridiculous or seems crazy.

I make lists of things to tell you in my head during the week and then I totally forget what they were when I get here..... but cool thought I was thinking about this week. Everyone we meet everyday is about to do something they think is impossible. Everyone. We are all facing something that we are almost certain is impossible. And the cool thing is that the Atonement of Jesus Christ helps all of us... but realizing this helps us to do things... one, to get over our impossiblity. because we realize that we're not the only ones. and two, have compassion with others because.... we aren't the only ones going through it. I'm not sure if that hits you like it hit me... but it was profound and I was thinking about that a lot lately.

I love you so much too! I'm sorry, I'm going to write down a list of important things so that this is a better experience haha... just know that I am way happy right now!  Love you!!!!

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