Monday, July 7, 2014

New Mission President Clark!

Sister Zollinger
Your ability to love is profound! I feel it so strongly and am touched by your greatness.
I will love serving with you.
President Clark

It is a wonderful day to be a Mormon Missionary!

Well President Clark, this past week has been great! Hard, but great! I'm at a really bizzare point in my mission... at different points in my mission I have related with different companionships from The District. Right now I relate with the missionaries from The District 2 who say they feel like they're experienced, their whole mission baptizing has been easy, and now their the best missionaries they've ever been and they just can't seem to baptize. My first three transfers my trainer and I baptized all the time. Since then, I have continued to grow and I know that now I am the best missionary and teacher by the Spirit I have ever been... but we just can't seem to find the right people to get baptized! It's a bit frustrating. But I am learning patience, and I am excited to go out and find a ton of new people this week! My leaders are the best really. Elder Garcia is my district leader and he is so invested in the success of each of the companionships in his district. He calls us all the time and doesn't just say "Well, try harder" or the classic "Sisters, you are working so hard, just don't worry about it"... he walks us through Game Plans and helps us think about all our options. It's so helpful. Our zone leaders are Elder Cook and Elder McClung and they are also awesome. They are such great examples of faithful leadership. They are already putting into action plans to make our zone more of a family, based on our MLC trainings. So even though it's just a weird point in my mission, I have been given some of the best leadership I could ever ask for, in an amazing area, with a very loving companion. God is merciful.

This week we're mostly just finding new people. We are focusing on bringing people to church right now, just trying to find those who are willing to come. We have a full night tonight. I'm particularly excited about our appointment with Javier. We knocked into him a few weeks ago and by chance his girlfriend is a less active convert. We started talking to them and she wants to reactivate and he asks amazing questions. So we're hoping to get them married and back into church, with him baptized soon! It's awesome. I'm super excited.

Love you so much President! Talk to you on Thursday at Leadership Training!

Sister Zollinger

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