Monday, July 21, 2014

Almost 10 months in....

July 14, 2014

Dear Mom,

I am being released as a Sister Training Leader so that I can be a new trainer. They don't have to release you, but it's super hard to do both. So when he called me Saturday to ask me to train, he just said that they were temporarily releasing me so that I could focus on training, but that they were going to call me again soon. So I'm guessing next transfer I'll do both. But I'm grateful, because training is a 24/7 job, and I've never done it before... so I'm a bit nervous. And I'll probably find out Thursday who it is. At least that's how they did it with President Gelwix... I don't know with President Clark. But I go down to Fresno Wednesday, I get to go to the temple, and then they'll give us some trainings, and then probably Thursday is when I'll meet her and then I'll take her home at some point on Thursday. Friday it all begins. I was fine for a few days, but now I'm starting to get scared... being a trainer is the most important calling in the mission, because they will compare everything in their mission back to your example and their experience with you. You set the tone. I'm investing 3 solid months in a person... it's like the closest thing to having a child you can experience on the mission haha.... it's scary!  But I'm going to love her with everything I've got and we are going to baptize!

So yeah.... life is  super awesome. New companion who hopefully will be super cool, Elder Garcia is staying, Elder Cook is staying and training a new zone leader, Elder Boswel, who came out with me from the Mexico MTC... he's so cool. So pretty much I'm in heaven. 

hey also I ate cow stomach (menudo) and almost died this week.

love you so much!!!!! give hugs to everyone!

Sister Zollinger

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